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salmonmaster in themissinghat

Project Upstream requests feedback

Hello, readers of themissinghat. We are Project Upstream.

Recently, we have noticed this community taking an interest in us -- and specifically, our Salmon-themed AIM bots. We respect your curiosity, and in order to foster an open relationship between Project Upstream and themissinghat, we would like members of your community to provide us with feedback.

All interested individuals are encouraged to speak directly to us, saying whatever they would like, by making comments on this entry. Submit feedback, or ask us questions; it is up to you.

Unfortunately, the nature of our operation requires certain information about us to be kept out of the public eye. For that reason, we will respond to comments, and answer questions, at our discretion only. But don't let that stop you from making some great comments on this entry! We look forward to reading them all.


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Totally Agree.

Yeah, as somebody anonymous said down there: "Yeah, I've gotten 'Coho'd many times, and it took a while for me to catch on. Anyways, it's cool and all sometimes, but gets really annoying when stupid 'Coho' bots set me up with other people. It got old real fast."

It was so cool when it first happened. But it only took me about 5 minutes to find out by way of Google what was going on. I thought it was the greatest thing, so I even started posting requests. But yeah, it started to get pretty old after awhile, and my first two Cohos that worked out were girls. Any chance I could get an opposite sex here? Or maybe you just don't grab enough guy screennames? lol.

I don't mind talking to strangers, so with the right chemistry, I could like this a lot. This was a pretty cool and original idea -- though I think you should come up with less vulgar conversation starters (One I got said "Suck on it, Kathy!" and more intelligent ones (Another said "Omegle is such a rip off Salmon" or something like that). Personally, I got philosophical one that had something to do with rebelling against the status quo, and I thought that was awesome.

Anyhow, thumbs up on this. I wish I hadn't been so Google savvy and didn't figure it out, because it lost a little of its magic.


i just got salmoned again...ive been salmoned a few times, andf like others have noted - the salmon was sometimes rude. this time, whoever it was didnt reply, but posted an interesting wiki link. it was about jewish hats and the wiki page has a cute guy on it. if sum1's gonna send me tasteful stuff with cute men like that, it's kinda fun to get salmoned then. and it was kind of interesting albeit random information.


as long as it's sum1 who is cool and id be happy to chat to, i wouldn't mind more salmons. especially if they send me cats, buttereflies, and cute hairy faced men....then im all for it. this is kind of a cool idea now i know what its about!
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this is the gayest shit ever.
if youre going to connect two people randomly you could atleast not make it look like a trollfest. the first one i got the fellow kept saying "...IN MY PANTS!!!" after every reply and when i confronted him about it he said i was talking about jeopardy in every reply.
its not connecting people at all its CONFUSING THE HELL OUT OF EVERYONE.
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