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salmonmaster in themissinghat

Project Upstream requests feedback

Hello, readers of themissinghat. We are Project Upstream.

Recently, we have noticed this community taking an interest in us -- and specifically, our Salmon-themed AIM bots. We respect your curiosity, and in order to foster an open relationship between Project Upstream and themissinghat, we would like members of your community to provide us with feedback.

All interested individuals are encouraged to speak directly to us, saying whatever they would like, by making comments on this entry. Submit feedback, or ask us questions; it is up to you.

Unfortunately, the nature of our operation requires certain information about us to be kept out of the public eye. For that reason, we will respond to comments, and answer questions, at our discretion only. But don't let that stop you from making some great comments on this entry! We look forward to reading them all.


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Hmm, interesting ¬.¬
I am completely in love with being Salmoned, although I don't spend very much time on AIM anymore, and am rarely actually on when I post, which has depleted me being Salmoned.

I'm now good friends with my last Salmon, and she lives all the way in Korea Land. From talking to her I've learned a lot about being an American in another place, customs, foods [my favourite!] and also how very similar people in completely different places are.

Salmoning introduces you to new people and experiences that you would never have otherwise. As far as the random initial messages, well isn't it obvious? Bored twenty-something programmers that spend maybe a little too much time online, like myself. It keeps things interesting, and funny.

I consider myself lucky to have a part in whatever type of experiment this is. :]
I don't think anyone actually cares about "project upstream."

Just a heads up. Acting like you matter is laughable.

You can justify whatever you do as an experiment, blahblah, but no. In the end, you're trolls. The majority of people online don't like having to be constantly blocking bots and dealing with folks who refuse to believe they were IMed by one and insist you're a complete racist.

I've been hit by this like several dozen times. Any novelty has worn off and it's simply annoying.

Take your bots and go away please, thankyou.

Edited at 2008-04-27 01:30 pm (UTC)
Actually, given that there is a community for this, a lot of people do care. And quite a few of us enjoy it. And what they do isn't trolling. I don't think you understand what that word means if think it is.

Just a heads up. Chill out a bit. It's not that big of a deal.
I rather enjoyed the one time (respectively) I was hatted and salmoned. I think it's kind've a nifty idea and I would like to know more about it. I'd also like to get salmoned more but I work graveyard so I sleep from about 9am-3pm almost every day.

I'd like to see the results of this social experiment (if that is indeed what this is) if/when it comes to an end, as well.
why did you create the h4x?


I think there should be more lore, more mythos behind the project salmon. I want a puzzle, a game, a riddle! Project Upstream, give us something to swim for.

I have no questions right now. I don't think you should do anything by request unless you want to, because if you do, that takes the randomness and mystery out of it. I love how the salmonmaster(s) will occasionally fuck with your conversations. I love that you have to google the screen name to figure out what's going on. I think this whole thing is wonderful. I think the hatbots had some more interesting mysteries (such as the phone numbers, ricedoutyugo.com, etc), but I think the project upstream has tons of potential.
iawtc except i've never been salmoned so i am obviously all for salmoning by request. it sounds fun!
Interesting, Salmons. Making direct posts now? Very interesting. Going to make any others?

I agree--filtering out the links to the community would make it more fun, but that's sort of evil of me to say (especially as a mod), so forget I said it. People would get around it anyhow.

I have a feeling you know my thoughts on this. It's a cool idea. And it saves me from boredom. So I suppose I have no real problems with the salmoning. You should make more direct posts, though. Amusingness.
Dear Project Upstream; riddle me these questions three-

Are you Douglas Adams fans, or Celtic mythology nuts?


Nudez lol?

i was curious about the douglas adams thing too.
It seems to me that people who update their public LJ posts three or four times a day and are on AIM for weeks at a time would enjoy talking to random strangers without having to know who they are or where they came from in order to be polite. I'm not sure why the level of rudeness is so high, but I think there are two factors that ruin it. First, people "in the know" are not elitist enough and will link anybody who shows the least sign of annoyance or distress to the explanation right away rather than trying to have a conversation about anything else or hanging up on angry folks and hoping for a better chat next time, and also the salmon bots opening messages are usually full of internet meme references which were basically designed to annoy people.

My only question was if a program like LJtoys has an effect on bots, and I'm not sure this community, or even the creators of a bot could tell me for sure.

What's up with the fish theme? Any significance behind that choice, or was it just the first thing that came to mind?

How long is this project intended to last?

How many people are involved in this?

Pacific salmon or Atlantic salmon?

Do you read every conversation, or only some of them?

Keep up the good work.
I'm guessing the fish theme is since they 'fish out' random people/fish out the usernames?
I've been salmoned/hatted more times than I can count. Seems fun enough, so don't count me out by any means. I hope more come to appreciate the project as time passes on.

Edited at 2008-04-28 03:52 am (UTC)
I found it very interesting. I liked speaking with people who I did not know. I have been salmoned quite a bit. But I have not been in the last 3 months. Odd.

The only question I do have is this: What IS the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
I absolutely enjoy getting Salmoned. I love that nobody really knows why or who's doing it (although it makes it a LOT tougher to try to explain to the people not in the know) or what the whole purpose is. I just don't like people who have to be rude about it. I understand being busy or just not being interesting in chatting, but otherwise, srsly, chill out. Life's too short to be uptight.
i find it rather upsetting that this post gave hope that at least some questions would be answered. after 2 pages of posts, still none of the questions have been answered. if you were planning on not answering any of them you should have just made that known. if you wanted to remain completely anonymous, you should not have made this post. i also find it slightly creepy that you want feedback; it makes me feel as if there is an agenda.
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