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salmonmaster in themissinghat

Project Upstream requests feedback

Hello, readers of themissinghat. We are Project Upstream.

Recently, we have noticed this community taking an interest in us -- and specifically, our Salmon-themed AIM bots. We respect your curiosity, and in order to foster an open relationship between Project Upstream and themissinghat, we would like members of your community to provide us with feedback.

All interested individuals are encouraged to speak directly to us, saying whatever they would like, by making comments on this entry. Submit feedback, or ask us questions; it is up to you.

Unfortunately, the nature of our operation requires certain information about us to be kept out of the public eye. For that reason, we will respond to comments, and answer questions, at our discretion only. But don't let that stop you from making some great comments on this entry! We look forward to reading them all.


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Oohhhh god jesus rupaul I am really trying hard to care about this right now... please salmons, start answering at least a few trivial questions because my stoke for this whole thing is getting beached.
Pretty positive this is either a social study or extreme boredom and self-importance.

Either way, I like it. ;D
You guys know my feelings about Project Upstream. I've told you.

Two questions:
1. How the hell did I miss this post until now?
2. Can you link me to a central Ohio lesbian next time?

Love, Whitney.
I actually...quite like it. I've only been Salmoned once, and it was a bit of a WTF because I had no idea what was going on, but the conversation was civil between me and the other girl. We chatted a bit, trying to find out what was going on, then we mutually agreed to go our own ways. I agree with what someone else said that it would be more interesting if at least one of the two people was in the know, but I understand that it would be pretty much impossible to orchestrate.
I've been salmoned a few times before, I didn't understand at first until I found this community. Most of the people I've talked to are stuffy and blockheaded about it.. but now that I know about it, I love it! I've recently been salmonless, and this makes me sad. Keep up the good work! People need to enjoy randomness more often.
What is the purpose?
This is really annoying.
you guys need to CRY MOAR

i seriously can't imagine the fun the actual creators of this are having. i wish i could be in on it :) i hope i get salmoned sometime!
I see wut ur doin here.

You're not going to answer our questions. You're trolling around for loose ends. Say someone posts a comment saying "So, I heard you guys reside in so and so, true? y/n?"

So then you go back through your bot and you tie up that loose end. Sooner or later that person will try to go back through the information they thought they gathered on you and, oh noes, it's gone.

Of course you're looking forward to our comments. Our comments mean that our project will remain failproof.

Nobody say a goddamn thing.

I think this may be another instance of trying to get random people to talk to each other, just like the IM thing. There is nothing bad about having a conversation with somebody you don't know anything about, and since the internet makes this insanely easy, why not do it? For instance, you have no idea who I am or what I am about, and even if you look at my LJ posts and such, you will not find anything about who I am now, I haven't updated in a really long time and nothing I have said in the past two years on LJ has really said anything about who I am.

This whole idea of talking to random people about whatever has really not been in our society enough, and I think that's what this "experiment" is about, but there really is no way to tell.
I've been "salmoned" 3 times now. I personally think it's an obnoxious thing to do. The first conversation was very short, something like

Me-"hey, do I know you?"
Me-"Then why are you messaging me?"
Them-"I didn't, you messaged me."
Me-"What? No I didn't."
Them-"Um... okay... blocked."

The second was entertaining for the first 10 minutes mainly because I thought it was someone screwing with me and I just went along with it. Then it started getting annoying and repetitive, a lot of "Why did you say this? "I didn't, you did." and other such things. I do think there was something wrong with the situation beyond just being forced into it, since it seemed the messages were changed before we received them. Don't know how much truth there is to that one, or if it was just that person messing with me... They were also convinced that they knew me from some message board that I wasn't a part of. It ended up with me very annoyed and the other person angrily leaving the conversation.

The third was very short since the other person knew what was going on. That's how I finally found out about this. Message me if you're interested in the actual conversation.

Like I said, I find it obnoxious. It forces two people who don't necessarily know what's going on into a conversation neither of them started. Unless one of them knows about this it just leads to confusion and ends up being a waste of time. I don't like being pushed into a conversation I didn't want with someone I never met, especially if I'm lead to believe they started it instead of some bot. If one knows about the bot and wants to use it to meet someone new, and tells them about the bot, then that's fine for them. But it's not something you should just spring on unknowing (and possibly unwilling) people.
I second this. I've been salmoned twice so far, and the first time I had no idea what was going on and was very annoyed. If you want a suggestion for the project, I say that in order to keep the randomness, don't take requests for salmoning, but have an option (besides blocking everyone but the buddylist on aim) for people to opt-out, or better yet.. opt-in.

I don't like being made into a guinea pig without my consent. It's just not fair. And to everyone who's complaining about the people who don't like the concept--get over it. It's not fair to just spring something like this on people who might not be interested. And if two people are thrown together, and neither one of them has ever heard of this, tempers tend to flare.

I wouldn't have known about this at all except that this is the second time and I noticed a correlation in the name--so I googled "aim salmon" to see if anyone else had a similar issue, and voila.
The thing that sucks about this is that no one knows what's going on. More than anything it just pisses people off and/or confuses them.


i have been salmonbotted several times (varnishedsalmon attacks!), which is confusing as i don't have an LJ, but still a considerably enjoyable experience. i always get chill people who are confused but fun. well chosen salmonbot, well chosen!
I want the Salmon Master.
This shit is epic.
I just got salmoned for the first time. see this is cool and all but it was kind of creepy once I realized my salmon was from the same state as me (which also means it's not random selection), thought I was getting stalked on or something
That's something that really, really, really made me wonder what was going on. My person was from a place I had just visited.
Seriously, STOP SENDING ME MESSAGES!!!!! I got three messages in as many days, this is getting absolutely ridiculous. Leave. Me. Alone.
Hear hear, I've been getting them at least once a week (usually 2-4 times a week) EVERY WEEK FOR TWO MONTHS.

Seriously. I've had enough.
If this is the real master of all this... how do we request removal? If you want to do this whole thing that's fine, but leave me out thanks.
Okay, you've gotten me TWICE today. ENOUGH!!!! Seriously!
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