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salmonmaster in themissinghat

Project Upstream requests feedback

Hello, readers of themissinghat. We are Project Upstream.

Recently, we have noticed this community taking an interest in us -- and specifically, our Salmon-themed AIM bots. We respect your curiosity, and in order to foster an open relationship between Project Upstream and themissinghat, we would like members of your community to provide us with feedback.

All interested individuals are encouraged to speak directly to us, saying whatever they would like, by making comments on this entry. Submit feedback, or ask us questions; it is up to you.

Unfortunately, the nature of our operation requires certain information about us to be kept out of the public eye. For that reason, we will respond to comments, and answer questions, at our discretion only. But don't let that stop you from making some great comments on this entry! We look forward to reading them all.


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I was salmoned for the first time today & had my second one today as well. It's most annoying. And the fact that blocking does no good due to the multiple names is disheartening.
yay icon!!!! bebop ftw!!!
I was salmoned today for the first time, and am indeed interested in being hit again, but what concerns me is the filtering, I think people are more open to talking to strangers when they aren't busy trying to decipher a code. I would love to be connected to people all over the world, (um hello, world wide web, cool beans and stuff) but the paranoia that I'm only confusing and potentially pissing off a stranger somewhere bothers me... I don't want someone threatening me (no matter how idiotic//futile a threat) because they think I'm talking about pianos, shoes, wheel of fortune and god knows what else....
Don't know whether you are who you claim to be or not, but if you are:

I rather enjoy being salmoned, now that I know what's going on. I can usually explain it to the other person such that they get it, and often we have an interesting conversation.

I do think, though, that it would be best to open with comments that are funny—not the offensive ones that have been used in the past. Using offensive comments makes it seem more like random trolling rather than the interesting sociological experiment it is.
It was hilariously funny to play along with this! I wound up speaking to four Salmons, all the same person and she also speaking to four- 3 were me, 1 was someone else. The endless loop was fun to untangle. We worked at it until both of us were talking to one another- 4 on 4. Being four people at once, and also my own username and talking to the same person in 5 windows- Well, it was amazing really.

But seriously? Why salmon? I mean, that just seemed like the silliest name ever. We kept joking about it...and thinking how strange it was.

By the way, I never clicked the link. Why would anyone ever do that? People are never cautious enough online.

Just thought I'd toss in that an hour later I've opened 6 IMs with the same person. And we're friends now too- what a crazy way to meet people. She wants to know though, "Why the hideous gigantic fonts?".

Edited at 2008-06-13 08:51 am (UTC)

how could you not think you'd be annoying the shit out of a lot of people?

you've successfully convinced me to officially leave LJ. well done. and fuck off.


lame this is

this is illegal you shit faces
Figured out this mystery last night, and have thought it was awesome :)

For those who are wanking off about it, there's a simple solution; take your screen name off your profile. POOF! No more Salmon bots. And I promise, if someone is interested in talking to you, they just might ask you for your screen name. Isn't it just as creepy when someone you don't know harvests it from your profile to contact you?
Someone above complained that they don't even have LJ, but were salmoned, so I don't think that would work.
opt-out option, plz.
I second what the first commenter said, and I'm also asking:

What's up with this? It's incongruent with anything else I've found on you guys. I really wish you'd at least make SOME response to the questions here, even if it's to say "we don't want to answer that right now". Geeze.

I adore this so far, was hit for the first time today. Don't make me regret backing you guys.



Hey yall, i happened to find this stuff on being salmoned after i was salmoned to day XD.

but the thing is i don't have a live journal nor have i ever even been on a live journal page until today....are their any other factors that could lead the being salmoned?

Re: Wolf

It also looks at Xanga and DeviantArt apparently, have accounts on those sites?
This is really excellent
thanks for stirring up the water
I do have a question. Do you actually read the livejournals of your victims?

And another one. How exactly did you become so incredibly sexy?
I enjoy being salmoned, but the word switchup is rather irritating. I did meet someone I enjoyed talking to, but haven't ever gotten another person like that. Either the names were garbled, or the people stopped responding.
I'm way more amused by it now that I know it's not some virus, but now I haven't been salmoned for a while.
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