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salmonmaster in themissinghat

Project Upstream requests feedback

Hello, readers of themissinghat. We are Project Upstream.

Recently, we have noticed this community taking an interest in us -- and specifically, our Salmon-themed AIM bots. We respect your curiosity, and in order to foster an open relationship between Project Upstream and themissinghat, we would like members of your community to provide us with feedback.

All interested individuals are encouraged to speak directly to us, saying whatever they would like, by making comments on this entry. Submit feedback, or ask us questions; it is up to you.

Unfortunately, the nature of our operation requires certain information about us to be kept out of the public eye. For that reason, we will respond to comments, and answer questions, at our discretion only. But don't let that stop you from making some great comments on this entry! We look forward to reading them all.


I may be the only one who feels this way, but I think it might be more interesting if you filtered messages to remove direct links to this community. I think the experience is more fulfilling and rewarding if users have to do some work/research (even though it still probably requires far less work than the original hattings used to) if they truly want to understand what is happening.

If they're actually interested (or totally paranoid), then they will find us. If they're just irritated, then they will simply ignore all messages from Salmons (or perhaps launch into verbal abuse of whoever they get linked up with--which can also be entertaining on rare occasions).

Perhaps on some occasions it would be fine to provide one of the uninitiated with a direct link to the community, but I guess I just preferred it when the people who came here did so out of their own burning curiosity and interest rather than being herded here in droves.
From a person who has been very recently salmoned (today) I can tell you that they took out all references. There's no link to this thread. There's no mention of this Project Upstream. We were both clueless.
[Missing Hat - Mystery School]

December 2012

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