like living performance art only grumpier (frog_rocket) wrote in themissinghat,
like living performance art only grumpier

D: So, I've been trout-ed a lot since the first one, which has been cool and has led to my meeting some pretty nifty people. Tonight was the first time I've had a lousy experience with the thing, though I wonder if I didn't get switched to another person mid-conversation... either that, or the person I was talking to has some serious mood swings. O_o

MeltedDownTrout (12:47:20 AM): One nation under God.
xfleurdesoleilx (12:47:42 AM): Hullo there ^^;;
MeltedDownTrout (12:47:49 AM): mhm
xfleurdesoleilx (12:47:56 AM): How are you?
MeltedDownTrout (12:48:10 AM): ..good
xfleurdesoleilx (12:48:49 AM): Er, this isn't your first time being trout-ed/hatted/etc, is it?
xfleurdesoleilx (12:51:37 AM): Yes?
MeltedDownTrout (12:53:29 AM): I've been trouted several times, sadly
xfleurdesoleilx (12:53:42 AM): Sadly? D: I always look at them as opportunity
MeltedDownTrout (12:53:55 AM): Who is this?
xfleurdesoleilx (12:54:01 AM): xfleurdesoleilx
MeltedDownTrout (12:54:20 AM): ..who
xfleurdesoleilx (12:54:26 AM): Er, that's my screenname
xfleurdesoleilx (12:54:46 AM): The real one, not the one that shows up when I IM you because of the bot
MeltedDownTrout (12:55:00 AM): If you don't have anything better to say
MeltedDownTrout (12:55:04 AM): Just leave me alone
MeltedDownTrout (12:55:11 AM): just do me that favor
xfleurdesoleilx (12:55:17 AM): Er, okay
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