Luna (unkickablekitty) wrote in themissinghat,

Hatbot Screen Names

This is the list of the known hatbot screen names. I've moved it off of the profile page to cut down on cluttering, since the hatbots aren't really around anymore.

If you've been hit by one of these bots in the past, please read the profile page to learn more.

allenhatsberg autohat8000 autobot8000 bananahoedown bananahootenanny bravenewhat chewableputty cyberhat2000 diehutfabrik dirkfunk3000 dirkfunk5000 doktorhat donaldhatsfeld edgarallanhat electrohat4000 funkyplumber238 goatblaster16 greathatsby64 haberdashery hatblaster16 hatfact0ry hatipusrex hatistophanes hatticusqfinch hatlikeahole hatmanmelville hatofdarkness hatscratchfever hatticusqfinch hutfabrik iamscrubtron ihavepants110k johnhatscroft muchadoabouthats octosausage ofhatsandmen omghaberdasher scrubtr0n scrubtron scrubtronics scrubtronwashere stealthishat studbeefpile66 studleyqbeefpile talkinghats77 tehgreathatsby thegreathatsby thehatsofwrath theseventhhat thetelltalehat thischarminghat ultrahat6000 unclehatscabin walthatman zorohatstrianism

If you happen to know of any other unlisted hatbots, please feel free to comment on this post. Thanks!
Tags: mod post, screen names
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