Luna (unkickablekitty) wrote in themissinghat,

Mod Post: New Policy

Considering how many obnoxious conversations this community is getting, I think it's time for a new policy.

Absolutely no posting of conversations involved with the 'Project Terdstream' bots, or any other name these bots may fall under. These bots may look like regular cohos but their identifying factor is their inflammatory, profane and troll-like openers and one-liners within.

You're free to describe the conversations and post the screen names, but I haven't found one conversation that's worth reading--and if you do partake in an interesting one with one of these bots, please summarize it instead (or quote the parts worth reading).

So basically, kids: Don't feed the trolls. Instead, request a legitimate fishbot!

I'll also delete any extremely inflammatory comments made by Project Terdstream, unless anyone has any objections.
Tags: mod post, policies
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