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salmonmaster in themissinghat

Omegle: Project Upstream's official stance

We are Project Upstream, the creators and maintainers of a network of robotic fish which provokes spontaneous conversations between random Internet users. Our mission has always been simple: to promote social ideals using innovative technology.

Recently, a new player entered our field: Omegle, a Web site which pairs its users up randomly for Web-based chat sessions. Although it does not operate over instant messaging services, Omegle's functionality is very similar to our own.

We have always had competitors -- some of which even preceded us -- but until now, we have accepted them. However, Omegle is not just a copycat; it is a copycat with commercial interests. Omegle sells an Apple iPhone application for profit, and its site features an advertising banner prominently.

Project Upstream's ideas are intended for nothing but the advancement of society, and we consider it unacceptable for any person or group to appropriate them for financial gain. As of today, our enemy is Omegle, and our goal is its destruction.

If you disapprove of how Omegle is using our ideas, we encourage you to inform them of your opinion via the Omegle feedback form. Project Upstream thanks you for your support.


"...our goal is its destruction"?

I'm going to have to ask you to calm down.
Which social ideals does Project Upstream want to promote?
apparently asking to random people "which came first the chicken or the egg?" is going to inspire someone to cure world hunger.
This post seems like it came straight out of 4chan.
Project Upstream is slightly different than Omegle, IMHO... with upstream, a lot of the participants are unknowing until later, but Omegle people knowingly opt into it 100% of the time. Similar concepts, but vastly different.
yea me telling some 15 year old girl she's retarded and that jonas brothers are gay is totally advancing society.

salmons are awesome but this post is stupid
Actually, while I don't particularly care whether Omegle is destroyed or not, I do commend Upstream for distinguishing itself from Omegle in both philosophy and aim. Teh intarwebs already have too much viral marketing going on.
Um... what? I can't think of too many similarities between the two.
oh my god, i lol'd
I think Project Upstream totally promotes social ideals. They just might not be the same social ideals that, say, Bono promotes--but they are social ideals nonetheless, for sure, and I actually think I like them better.
right, eliminate em!
Haha! Well, uh, as long as you have a stance, I guess.

I personally love both services, but hey, have fun trying to destroy something awesome.


omegle isn't even that commericial...look at imeetzu

http://iMeetzu.com is way more commercial, but it also has more features so I can't really complain. I think your competition is just going to keep growing, if you consider these types of sites to be competition.
it also has more features so I can't really complain uk online casino
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